Program at a glance:

Program Code: MSS025025

AQF Level: Level 5

Length of Study: Minimim 70 hours

Study Options: Flexible

Self-paced Study: up to 100%

Campus Location: Brisbane, Australia

Tuition Fees:

AQF Level 5: $1480 (GST exempt)


Study Guide

Assessment Requirements

Fees Policy

About MSS025025

This unit of competency covers the ability to monitor noise using handheld sound level meters and fixed sound monitoring stations with either data logging or telemetry. It includes the ability to perform noise surveys, process data and report results in accordance with legislative requirements, standards, codes and workplace standards.

Study Program

The study program consists of a combination of online self-paced learning, a formal tutorial with your trainer, practical field work, completion of assignments and a formal presentation of an agreed topic.

  • Mentored training is provided either in person or via Skype or similar.
  • Assignments are set in each module and must be satisfactorily completed.
  • Completion times are flexible with the student.

Study Guides1 to 4 are the ‘theory’ modules and have assignments for you to complete. The theory modules are completed before you attend the classroom tutorials. You are required to complete all of the online questions before starting the practical assessments.

  • Study Guide 1 Noise Measurement and Analysis
  • Study Guide 2 Basic Acoustic Principles
  • Study Guide 3 Legislation, standards and guidelines
  • Study Guide 4 Instrumentation and Practical Surveys

Online Basic observation report and final report -  Practical noise surveys, contains practical applications to illustrate the basics of monitoring and evaluating noise. The practical training, by way of surveys, is provided as part of your classroom tutorials. It includes assignment questions to verify that the essential "Underpinning Knowledge" has been achieved.

You are also required to complete three (3) practical assignments (monitoring and evaluation reports) to be undertaken at your home or workplace.

The course covers the skills and knowledge required to competently apply a range of methods and technologies to conduct noise monitoring and evaluation. Our course is designed for:

  • field staff, site coordinators, Health & Safety Representatives;
  • managers and senior personnel employed by workplaces and unions in a wide range of industry sectors, e.g. manufacturing, building and construction, certification and audit
  • regulatory authorities involved with noise assessment, evaluation and compliance
  • professionals requiring skill and knowledge validation in the field of practical noise monitoring and evaluation

Each qualification, unit of competency or training module offered by Acoustar has a set fee for a training program provided at our Brisbane Training Centre.

It is Acoustar's policy that the fee is all-inclusive for tuition, support and coaching, specified textbooks (PDF versions), and use of our classroom/facilities in Brisbane. Fees and expenses are specified along with any additional requirements.

When there are additional requirements, normally associated with a training program (for example; reference material, research documents, own computer) the Student will be clearly advised of exactly what is required prior to commencement of the program or course.

Training Programs Off-Site

Our standard fees apply plus actual reasonable costs of providing the training program at any location outside of Brisbane. Fees are based on travel costs, accommodation, and staff travel time and calculated on an ‘actual and reasonable’ basis and include GST.

Training Program Fees are published in our Fees Policy.

Fees for a single student in a mentored program are:

MSS025025 (AQF Level 5) $1480.00 (GST exempt)

Students are entitled to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Continuing Professional Development Courses

Continuing professional development courses are offered based on content from the Certificate IV or MSS units. Please call Acoustar to discuss availability and fees.

AQF Level 5 Entry Requirements

A student can apply for the MSS025025 Monitor and evaluate noise unit at the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level 5 without any previous knowledge or qualifications. A good standard of English is required, as well as literacy and numeracy skills. 

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning is permitted for MSS025025. Please contact Acoustar if you would like more details.

Our formal training courses are currently being updated and enrolments are on hold. We will begin taking enrolments soon, please contact us to register your interest.
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