Mr Jonathan Dyer | BSB41419 Work Health and Safety


TAE40110 Training and assessment; BSB41412 Work Health and safety; Electrical Fitter/Mechanic Trade Qual

Industry experience and training

  • Construction Industry, Domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Tier 1 Building Tier 1 Civil, temporary works, scaffolding, management of enforceable undertaking, SWMS,JHA training, ladders, hazardous substances, incident investigation, erosion and sediment control, POS, small business management, operations management
  • Retail industries in electrical, data, plumbing, hardware, clothing, paint, floor covering, POS
  • Heavy Industry, Queensland Alumina, Surat basin
  • 31 years’ experience in business and industry
  • 22 years’ experience in training
  • Written and delivered over 30 different training packages, both accredited and non accredited

Mr Matt Fishburn | MSS Units for Noise and Noise Management


B.Eng (Hons) 1999 — Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Honours — University of Sydney.

CPEng, RPEQ 2013 — Certified Professional Engineer and Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland.

Acoustics Masters 2007 — Ongoing — (1st Place in Exam) Australian Defence Force Academy

Industry experience and training

Matthew has developed and maintained several engineering course notes and assessment tools. He has worked with Qld Tafe and within the AQTF guidelines. Matthew was able to map several engineering subjects to the MEM packages. Matthew has demonstrated ability in explaining formulas and placing a practical purpose to these formulas such as stress strain welding calculations or second moment of area or mathematics calculations.

Matthew has written and delivered engineering courses including:

  • Mathematics (Cert IV to Adv Dip)
  • Mechanics of Solids (Dip to Adv Dip)
  • Communication inc excel and word (Cert IV --- You can't use shortcodes inside element ---)
  • Mechanical Design (Dip to Adv Dip)
  • Engineering Materials (Dip to Adv Dip)
  • Project Management (Dip to Adv Dip)
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