The Board and its Advisors consists of professional industry and education qualified persons. The Board is administered by a Registrar. The Board is empowered to review the content and presentation of training programs offered by the Registered Training Organisation (‘Acoustar’). The Board supports Acoustar through Accreditation, Audit, Ethics, Governance, and Research protocols. The Board has oversight of our Acoustar-IEDIS Research Centre.

The Board does not have governance over the ASQA BSB41419 Certificate IV Work Health and Safety training units or MSS11 Sustainability training units, protocols and requirements. The Board has an oversight function to the Acoustar training programs. This is a unique and very powerful quality control function. By definition a person who has satisfactorily completed a specific unit within the BSB41419 or MSS11 training program is acknowledged as being ‘competent’ for the purposes of that unit. There are different levels of competency recognised within ASQA but there is no external audit of the skills and knowledge required for competency.

The Board of Studies reviews and audits competency issues and maintains a complaints’ mediation process. The two processes allow quality-assurance with respect to skills and knowledge to assist trainers and assessors employed by Acoustar. The process provides certainty to a student, employer or regulatory authority, that a professional and/or technical level of competency has been achieved. This unique function of the Board has been identified as being of critical importance to potential employers and students.

The Board’s Oversight functions are as follows:

  • To assist trainers and assessors in applying the Elements and Performance Criteria, Required Skills and Knowledge, Evidence Guides, Range Statements and Competencies for training programs promoted by Acoustar in order to meet and maintain the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015;
  • To provide an independent ongoing systematic validation of assessment practices and judgments that includes each training product offered by Acoustar;
  • To provide an impartial, independent person in a complaint or appeal process involving Acoustar; and
  • To accredit students who have completed training programs for professional development offered by Acoustar.

For further information, please see the Acoustar Board of Studies Statement of Values and Protocols.

Registrar: Dr Bob Thorne PhD MIOA FRSPH

Statement of Values and Protocols